Tom Brady Sends Thoughtful Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Message In Recent Instagram Post

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady based his career on big games. Patriots fans know that he is easily inspired by great minds such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Brady is about to play an important match as the New England Patriots are playing the AFC Divisional Round game on Sunday. The team will try to reach the eight straight Championship and make the third straight Super Bowl. The Los Angeles Chargers are the first obstacle on the Patriots’ way to the Super Bowl, and Brady found the perfect inspiration to get his mind right. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Brady sent a meaningful message

The quarterback used his Instagram account as a platform to share his message. He posted a pic of him on the field followed by a line from the NBA legend. The pic was taken during Thursday’s session.

“’Through basketball, I found my superpower. My power wasn’t being a great player, but in loving something enough to work hard at being better.’

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar #wellsaid #LFG”

 If by any chance you have not noticed it, the GOAT is super ready to make another run and get his sixth Lombardi Trophy. One thing stands for sure: Tom Brady has the power to do that!

The New England Patriots did not play their best football this season, but they sure made it worth watching. The players struggled with injuries, referees, and suspensions. But, here they are today, getting ready for the big game.

The Los Angeles Chargers are making their way to Foxboro, and will play in freezing temperatures. That’s not the weather they are used to playing in, but they will definitely try to do their best and win this game. The AFC divisional round game is of great importance for both teams.

Things are already getting hot in Foxboro despite the bad weather. Will the snow put down the flames in the Patriots’ hearts?

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