Anthony Davis Shocks Lakers With Surprise Instagram Activity

It seems like Anthony Davis enjoys the attention he gets at the moment. The New Orleans Pelicans forward threw some doubt over his next move in his recent Instagram activity.

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to get enough space for Davis, but the Pelicans star is probably interested in something else. Davis joined up with Klutch Sports, and that was enough for fans to start talking about his potential move to Los Angeles. The Boston Celtics can talk on the subject while the Pelicans are ready to trade whoever comes to their mind. But, Davis’ Instagram activity sort of confused us.

Fans have eyes everywhere

Fans noticed something shady about Davis’ move to Los Angeles. The forward liked a comment on Instagram which labeled Los Angeles as a “bum a** city.”

“@lakers HE HAPPY HERE, HE AINT GOING TO YOUR BUM ASK CITY!!!” the comment read.

NBA fans noticed that, and started talking that Davis is probably giving up on the Lakers.

“Anthony Davis likes a Instagram comment calling Los Angeles a “bum a** city’… Anthony Davis isn’t going to be a Laker anytime soon,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another wrote, “Anthony Davis makes it clear he isn’t going to the ‘bum a** city’ of Los Angeles.”

We will have to see if Davis leaves the Pelicans this summer. In other words, fans will have to wait until February 7.

Finally, Pelicans owner Gayle Benson said she will never stand in the player’s way if he wants to join another team.

“I really like what we have in place. I really like Anthony, but if he wants to leave, you can’t hold him back,” the owner said.

Davis said that he is more interested in legacy, but he got everyone so confused. What is he up to? Will he join another team rather than stay in New Orleans?

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