Ray Lewis Has A Favorite In Chargers Vs. Patriots Game

The Los Angeles Chargers are flying across the country to confront the New England Patriots for the AFC Divisional Round game. The Patriots enjoyed their week off, and bye weeks have an incredible effect on teams. New England are playing at home which gives them a perfect advantage. There is a huge chance that the Patriots win this game. But Ray Lewis has something else to say.

It is funny how the entire NFL world seems to consider the Chargers a potential upset candidate. New England has been the most common upset team for the Divisional Round game. Ray Lewis decided to pick the Chargers.

“I just think this is his (Rivers) time. If you think about what he’s done on the road this year, they have not lost on the road but one game I think to the Rams. I’m gonna take the Chargers,” Lewis said during Tuesday on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL.”

Is Lewis a bit biased?

Lewis did not really provide concrete football reasons for making this pick. The Chargers defeated the Baltimore Ravens so we cannot really say that Lewis made an objective pick.

Many experts forget one minor detail. The Chargers did not lose a game outside LA this season. But, the Patriots have not lost a match in Foxboro. The Chargers may have a better record, but New England has a nice point differential. We can keep adding, and the Patriots have an excellent resume to counteract the Chargers’ good numbers.

Finally, both teams are incredibly evenly matched. They are led by star quarterbacks who play in the twilight of their career. Both the Patriots and Chargers improved their defenses this season, and found strength to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs.

We can just wait until Sunday and see if Lewis was right about his pick.

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