Tom Brady’s Former Teammate Called Him Out for ‘Irresponsible’ Brain Comments

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been part of the NFL for almost two decades. Moreover, the quarterback still says he’s feeling 100%, including his brain. During his interview with Westwood One’s Jim Gray, Brady said his “brain is wired for contact.” However, Brady’s former teammate has something else to say.

Former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson does not really agree with Brady. He even called out the quarterback for being insensitive and irresponsible to those who have been dealing with genuine brain trauma. What will the quarterback say about his former teammate?

Brady’s comments were sort of insensitive to those who have been treated for concussions, suggesting that he was born stronger than other players.

Well, we do believe that the GOAT did not even think of insulting someone, especially those who have been dealing with head injuries. But, his comments are still offensive to some players. Maybe Brady was just trying to say that he is not afraid to accept a hit if necessary. However, we would still say that his comments were insensitive who careers ended too early.

The former teammate went after Brady

“It was very irresponsible for Tom to talk like that. ‘My brain’s wired for contact,’” Johnson said on 98.5 The Sports Hub. “So, what, Kevin Turner’s wasn’t? Junior Seau’s wasn’t? Justin Strzelczyk’s brain wasn’t? Andre Waters’ brain wasn’t wired for contact? But yours is (wired for contact)? It was very insensitive and I thought irresponsible to talk like that.”

It is more than obvious that Johnson did not like Brady’s comment. However, no other teammate came out to bash him.

Brady sure heated things up, but nobody died, right? Maybe Johnson took the matter too far this time. Maybe there is something else he would say, but decided to keep his mouth shut while everyone else still praises Brady.

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