Jeremy Hill Slams Tom Brady’s Doubters After Destruction Of Chargers

The New England Patriots earned themself a bunch of haters in the last few years. This year was the worst as many doubters thought that Tom Brady would disappoint everyone and maybe even retire. You can only imagine the expression on their face as Brady and the Patriots won the AFC Divisional Round game against the Los Angeles Chargers. Jeremy Hill had a nice message for everyone who trashed Brady and his teammates.

The 41-28 win is more than impressive. The Patriots proved everyone wrong while celebrating the huge success on the field. Brady slashed the Chargers’ defense from the opening drive. He was 34-44 for 343 yards and a touchdown to bring the Patriots to their eighth consecutive AFC Championship Game. Running back Jeremy Hill called out everyone who doubted Brady after the game.

“Imagine thinking Tom fell of a cliff,” he tweeted.

We all know that he was referring to ESPN’s Max Kellerman, who predicted that Brady will “fall off a cliff.” Well, Kellerman has been saying that since 2016. Kellerman even said that Brady would never help the Patriots win the Super Bowl.

Kellerman was wrong, and James Hill knows it

“The question is: how much is on Brady’s shoulders?” Kellerman asked. “The answer is less than ever before but they need there to be more. They need more from Tom Brady at the precise moment that he’s incapable of doing that. Now, you look at the Denver Broncos when they won with Peyton Manning. They won the whole thing with a quarterback who had nine touchdowns and 17 interceptions that season and wasn’t good. But, he was a smart game-managing veteran quarterback, one of the all-time greats who didn’t have it anymore and they won the Super Bowl.

“And Tom Brady is clearly better than Peyton Manning was then and Tom Brady has always been a way better pressure player than Peyton Manning. But they were able to win that Super Bowl, not because of Peyton Manning but because Peyton Manning didn’t get in the way of them winning the Super Bowl. The defense won it for them. That’s not this Patriots defense, that’s not this Patriots team. The Patriots are asking Tom Brady to do less than ever before because that’s what he’s capable of doing at this point in his career. To everybody who said, ‘Max you were wrong about the cliff,” is he an elite quarterback right now? Has he been this season? No. Where does he rank in the AFC? I’d say dead last in AFC quarterbacks left.

“All the numbers are down for Tom Brady. Not just on third down, all across the board. But in terms of the dinking and dunking passing, the yardage is shorter than ever and he’s not throwing into tight windows, by the way, guys are wide open. So not only does he not have the offensive weapons he used to have, not only is the defense slower than it used to be, he’s capable of much less.”

So Kellerman and the rest of the haters can now sit back and stop talking nonsense.

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