LeBron James Reacts To Awesome Lakers Win Over Thunder

The Los Angeles Lakers are slowly getting back on track, and they have won the big game over the Oklahoma City Thunder. This is one of the very few games they won without LeBron James.

The king himself was amazed with the way his teammates handled the pressure on the floor. The big win on the road brought a huge relief to every fan. Things did not look really well in the first quarter, but the Lakers took the lead again before the midway point of the second quarterback. Both teams traded blows from that point, and no lead was particularly safe until the end. Luckily, the Lakers found strength and talent to defeat the Thunder.

Things got exciting in the overtime, and the Thunder lost

Russell Westbrook drew a foul on Lonzo Ball on his game-tying three-point attempt. However, the video showed that he was not in the move of shooting when Ball actually made contact. LeBron James did not join his teammates on the floor, and did not even travel with them. However, he did support the team, and cheered on their success.

LeBron took offense to the call, and tweeted at officials asking one simple question. Well, this was not really necessary as LA won the game in overtime. But, LeBron still had this iconic reaction.

“So what really is “in the shooting motion” rule?!?!? Asking for a friend,” he asked.

He was really frustrated that officials did not review the play, and brought the game to overtime.

Here comes the big win

LeBron was out of the building, but his team won, and he celebrated the big win. Yes, the Lakers can win a game without the star player. Young players did an amazing job, and LeBron just wanted to congratulate them on the big win over the Thunder.

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