Kyle Kuzma Hits Kobe In Lakers Record Book

The Los Angeles Lakers had their third game against the Houston Rockets. Should we say that every Lakers-Rockets game is full of events? Of course not. Well, there was no brawl and nobody got into a fight. Nobody was suspended, but there was an ejection. Head coach Luke Walton was removed in the third quarter. Two days after the Lakers hit the overtime in Oklahoma City, the team did it again. Unfortunately, lost the battle as James Harden took the free-throw line. But, Kyle Kuzma did something amazing, and it has something to do with Kobe Bryant.

The talented player scored 20 points in the first quarter, and the first thing everyone said was: Wow. Kyle Kuzma did the same thing as Kobe Bryant, and it was more than amazing. Those 20 points in the first quarter mark actually the highest-scoring first quarter by a Laker since 2011.

Kyle Kuzma hits Kobe Bryant’s record

In other words, Kuzma is making history. Doing the same thing as Bryant means that the players are doing something right. This comes as an excellent surprise at the very same moment you think that the Lakers wanted to trade Kuzma. It’s been eight years now, and a Laker did something great for the team, same as Bryant.

The Lakers are still struggling on the floor without LeBron James. The star player suffered a groin strain on Christmas Day, and the young players had trouble coping with the pressure. Luke Walton advised everyone to pick a leader on the floor, but things did not go the way he expected. The Lakers dropped to the eighth position in the Western Conference. Let’s hope that things will take the right turn for the team. Kyle Kuzma better continue playing at the same pace. The same goes to other players.

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