Lakers Given Major Boost As Pelicans Boss Makes Trade Admission

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to get Anthony Davis, and it seems like he is doing his best to leave the New Orleans Pelicans.

If you ask Alvin Gentry, he will say he is not sure if Anthony Davis has played his last ever game wearing the Pelicans jersey. The Pelicans played without Davis since the he handed in the trade request. His agent, Rich Paul, made it public knowledge that Davis wants to leave, and the player had to pay $50,000. Paul and his client are now trying to make a huge move to Los Angeles.

However, Gentry will not give up on Davis unless he gets a nice deal. The head coach does not know if he will ever call up on Davis again.

“That’s a hard thing to answer,” Gentry said. “I don’t really know how to answer that. I assume that he will [play for us again] but that’s something that needs discussing and seeing what’s best for him and what’s best for our team.”

It also makes sense if the remaining Pelicans star turn their back on Davis. Gentry insists everything is fine in the locker room amid the rumors.

“No it is not awkward at all,” he added. “If you ask anyone in the locker room they will all tell you the same thing. He is the same guy. He asked to be traded but he is the same guy. All of a sudden his personality didn’t change and we don’t feel differently about him at all. It is one of those things and we’ll have to manage it as an organisation and he’l have to manage it as an individual. We will get through the whole thing.”

So, this sort of brings hope to every Lakers fan. Is Davis really coming to town or what? That would be more than awesome!

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