Anthony Davis To Lakers Breakthrough, Deal To Happen Next Month

The Los Angeles Lakers were given a huge boost in their effort to trade for Anthony Davis. The Davis trade deal is expected to happen before the deadline.

Get More Sports’ Chris Sheridan believes that Davis will leave his current team in the next month. The trade deadline will close on February 7, and several sources suggest that many teams will try to land a star. We all know that Anthony Davis is at the center spot at this point as several teams are interested in him. However, we would really like to know whether the New Orleans Pelicans will accept a trade deal?

The Pelicans will offer Davis a supermax contract extension worth $240 in July. The team is now 14th int he Western Conference and struggle to hit the playoffs. If the Pelicans do not make the playoffs, Davis will definitely go as he is interested in playing for a title contender. If the team is unable to build a team around the star player, Davis will sure go.

Sheridan is convinced that the trade deal will happen before the deadline. The reporter talked about Davis and the question on whether he will “grow tired of playing for 14th best team in the West.”

“I still think AD gets traded by Feb 7,” he said.

This puts the Los Angeles Lakers in a better position than the Boston Celtics as they need to put together a deal until the summer. Are the Celtics ready for the Kyrie Irving move?

Davis has the same agent as LeBron James. Rich Paul represents many stars int eh league. Remember how they were seen having dinner together? LeBron said he would like to play alongside Davis, and several small-market NBA executives got really upset with his comment.

The Pelicans are forced into a position to trade Davis, so it will be thrilling to see the way things develop.

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