Antonio Brown Shares Private Message With Tom Brady

The Antonio Brown-Pittsburgh Steelers thing sure got our attention, and NFL fans have a very own, favorite version of story. However, many did not know a thing about this side of the story.

The wide receiver missed the Steelers’ finale after the dispute he had with his teammates. His place in the team is shaken, and nobody can forget the dispute he had with Ben Roethlisberger. We heard everything about the trade rumors, and some even said that Antonio Brown will request to be traded.

The San Francisco 49ers were the top destination for the star wide receiver. Tight end George Kittle just added fuel to the fire.

However, now we know that Brown may be eyeing the New England Patriots.

NFL reporter Dov Kleiman popped up a screenshot of an Instagram story posted by the receiver earlier this week. It is definitely part of the direct message conversation he had with Patriots quarterback back in September.

This post may mean nothing, but there are some guys out there who are “dying” to see Brown playing with the Patriots. In other words, this post is just enough for another rumor, right?

Maybe Brown does not really have a huge problem with his teammates. However, where there’s smoke, there is fire.

“I’m blessed to play with him. I consider him one of my closer friends…AB and I have been together for a long time and I owe so much of my success to him. So I consider him a really close friend on the team. I think the bigger thing is that I know some of the guys that I’ve talked to are just trying to reach out to him and haven’t heard back. So I think that’s what’s frustrating to a lot of guys,” Roethlisberger said of Brown.

What will happen next?

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