Gisele Bundchen Celebrates As Tom Brady Heads To The Super Bowl With The Patriots

No Patriots celebration will ever go without Tom Brady’s supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen. The Brazilian supermodel is not really happy that her husband give up on football, but she is definitely excited about his huge success on the field.

Gisele Bundchen supported Tom throughout his entire career. She celebrated with the team when they defeated the Los Angeles Chargers in the AFC Divisional Round, congratulating the team on their great win. First, she celebrated Brady’s touchdown in the 41-28 win over the Chargers. She did it again when Sony Michel hit the end zone during the Patriots’ AFC Championship win over the Chiefs.

The supermodel took to her Instagram story to cheer on her lovely husband. She wore Brady’s jersey and we could see he cheer at the TV. Yes, she was also yelling, “Let’s go!”

The Patriots played better in the first half of the game, and the Chiefs could not even move around. Gisele’s husband connected with Phillip Dorsett for a 29-yard touchdown late in the second quarter as the Patriots jumped high, 14-0.

The game ended with the Patriots earning their ticket for Atlanta and Super Bowl LIII. There was no better way to end this game.

Maybe Gisele will change her mind regarding Brady’s retirement. She went on Ellen’s show, and got a question about Brady and his plans to retire.

“I think you should talk with him about that,” Bundchen told Ellen. “I haven’t been very successful. I want him to do whatever makes him happy, but maybe if you have a conversation with him — explain that you love the Saints.”

“I definitely wouldn’t want to have his job … it’s definitely something that you get concerned [about]. He loves it so much, and you got to let him do what he loves,” she added.

Over the summer, the quarterback said he thinks “about it more now than I used to.  I think I’m seeing that there’s definitely an end coming sooner rather than later.”

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