Joey Bosa Reveals Hilarious In-Game Exchange With Tom Brady

Tom Brady was the worst nightmare of the Los Angeles Chargers, and his team won the AFC Divisional Round game. New England was dominant on the field and Joey Bosa had a light-hearted exchange with the Patriots quarterback in the middle of the game.

“He did a really good job getting rid of the ball,” said Joey Bosa. “I mean, every single time I won — which, I won a few pass rushes here and there — the ball was gone. We made a joke, we were talking to each other and he just patted me on the back and I said ‘Stop getting rid of the ball so fast!’ He said ‘Stop getting to me so fast and I won’t have to get rid of it!’ Their O-line, they did a good job. I wasn’t getting much in the first half. Every time you win a rush and you look up and the ball is gone, it’s a little demoralizing. But I just kept going and I think our defense fought that whole second half. Came up very short this time.”

Tom Brady completed 34 of his 44 passes for 343 yards and a touchdown in the greatest game he played.

Brady did his best

“I was expecting to see his best today,” said Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn. “It’s playoff time. And he’s been here before and he’s one of the best that’s ever been on that football field, so he did a heck of a job of taking advantage of some of the personnel matchups. You know, their running backs, they ran the ball well. They caught the ball well, they extended drives and just little things like that. He’s really good at finding that and weaknesses in the defense. So, we made some adjustments, but it was a little too late. And you know, we went little, like we did last week some, but that running game was just too physical today. You know, we had to get our linebackers in and then sometimes they got us in some matchups in the passing game that we didn’t like. So, they did a heck of a job picking us apart. But we did not play good complementary football. Complementary football is what got us here, in all three phases. Today, we just didn’t play well enough.”

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