Lakers Predicted To Pull Out ‘Panic’ Trade Move Soon Due To LeBron James

LeBron James is the player that made the Los Angeles Lakers hit the “panic button” on trades in the next year due to the decreasing time left of his prime. The Lakers are predicted to pull out a trade move that will shock everyone in the world of basketball.

Former 10-time All-Star and NBA champion Paul Pierce made the claim on the Lakers’ sudden trade move.

First of all, Los Angeles will end the five-year playoff drought this year despite the fact that their game in postseason is far from consistent. LeBron James had to leave the court due to his groin stran, and the Lakers are 3-5 during his absence.

LeBron injured himself in the Christmas Day match against the Golden State Warriors. He is still recovering, and will miss a few games.

But even the king cannot help the team because the competition in the Western Conference is more than serious. LeBron turned 34, and has a huge role in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, he is the only All-Star on the roster.

The team is linked with several stars that will become free agents in the offseason. Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durand and Klay Thompson will hit free agency, and the Lakers are trying to get at least one of them.

Young players have to go

Los Angeles refused to trade Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball or Josh Hart. However, it seems like the front office will have to change the perspective so they can seal a trade deal that includes at least one young player. Hence the team will sort of be forced to recruit another great player.

Therefore, Boston Celtics icon Pierce said the Lakers will have to part ways with some of the young talents in near future.

When asked if the Lakers trade move mean a thing, Pierce said, “Everything. LeBron’s window is a short window.”

“He only signed a four-year deal, he’s hurt this year, missed more games than ever with injury. I think the panic button has got to get hit pretty soon here. If not this year, definitely next year. They can’t strike out in this next couple of years so it’s everything. They’ve got the talent, guys like Kuzma and Ingram can make a move. You’ve got to take advantage of this LeBron window. Sometimes it’s not the major things, all these little things add up as you get older,” he said.

ESPN’s Amin Elhassan said, “[The trade talk is] Something. We know that if certain trade targets – I won’t say who so I don’t get hit with a tampering charge! – become available, then, ‘Yeah, we’re throwing everything and the kitchen sink [to do it]’. What I like about Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson is that they’ve always had a very pragmatic approach. ‘Do we have a real chance at upgrading our roster? Yes, let’s do it. No? We’re not going to panic and go all-in on something that may not be a difference-maker’.” 

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