Lonzo Ball Girlfriend SHOCK: Is Lakers Star Dating Again After Denise Garcia Break-Up?

Lonzo Ball has been making headlines throughout his entire career, and it was not about basketball all the time. Lonzo was dating Denise Garcia but they split last year.

However, latest rumors suggest that Lonzo and Denise Garcia are back again. Lonzo confirmed his breakup with Denise in a recent episode of Ball in the Family, a web series that gives us juicy details about the young player and his family.

Ball and Garcia have a daughter. The girl came to this world last year, but Ball’s romance fell apart short after her birth.

“As of today, me and Denise are not together. It’s just one of those things that happened. I’ll always have love for Denise. She’s the mother of my child. She’s always cool with me no matter what. [My] main priority is Zoey. Basically, I’m gonna see Zoey whenever I can, so as long as she’s taken care of, she has both parents in her life. That’s all that matters.”

Denise Garcia made a mistake

The whole thing probably started at the same moment Garcia referred to Ball as a ‘deadbeat dad’ on her live Instagram video. In her live post, Ball’s girlfriend offered a pronounced blink after the awful comment reading “Bling if Lonzo a dead beat dad” went on the feed.

The couple worked on the issue, and we could even see Denise and her daughter supporting Ball during games.

Ball dated Courtney Morgan after his breakup with Garcia, but the site suggests it was never serious.

Lonzo is taking care of his team at the moment as they are playing without LeBron James and Rajon Rondo.

“It’s just a big void to fill. LeBron and Rondo are arguably two of the best leaders ever. Having both of them out, that’s two of our main guys who are talking on the court. It’s new for me. It’s new for B.I. [Brandon Ingram]. Kuz [Kyle Kuzma] probably talks the most out of all of us. For me, it’s more about action. I don’t think you can talk if you’re not doing your job. So, it starts with that for me, and go from there.”

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