Tedy Bruschi Releases Powerful Speech Right Before Game Patriots-Chargers Begins

The New England Patriots are playing the Los Angeles Chargers today, and Tedy Bruschi is raging about it. The former Patriots player is all in about today’s game, and we all remember his powerful speech in 2004.

Bruschi knows what it is like to play such a good game. The powerful speech says it all. Moreover, Bruschi said, “enough talk, time to play.” That line made history and fans will always remember him for that great hype video.

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Enough talk, time to play. #Patriots #Chargers

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Bruschi’s love for the Patriots is HUGE

Remember the hype video Bruschi narrated right before the game? It also involved the “Everything we got” mantra, and we love it.

The former Patriot also offered a nice advice for everyone related to Brady and his future career with the team. He talked about Brady’s season, and all the ups and downs he had in the past few months.

“I don’t know why. Maybe they’re just tired of seeing greatness for so long because that’s what it is. I personally don’t get tired of it, New Englanders don’t get tired of it. It’s because he’s doing something that you just haven’t seen and you didn’t think it was possibly,” Bruschi said of the quarterback back in October.

What do the Chargers say about the game? Rivers is more than ready to hit the field. “I’ve got to focus on defense. I’m not playing Tom by any means. But is it special to go to New England against a Hall of Fame coach and arguably the best quarterback ever to play and get another shot at ’em? Heck, yeah. Heck, yeah, it is special,” Rivers said.

This will be a huge game. We can already make guesses on the final score. But, let’s just wait and see if our prediction becomes reality. Thanks, Bruschi!

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