Watch: Camille Kostek – Gronk’s GF Destroys Patriots Haters

The New England Patriots are one of the greatest football teams ever. That’s how they got this many haters. Well, Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend, Camille Kostek, is not having any of it.

If you ask gorgeous Camille Kostek about all the people who hate the Patriots, she will say they are just jealous. We know someone who would agree on that one. Camille gave the perfect response to the question. The Patriots nation is supporting her.

“You hate us ‘cause you ain’t us,” the former Patriots cheerleader said.

Kostek is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition model. She was just getting off the plane from Kansas City Chiefs. The model was there to support her boyfriend and his teammates in their efforts to win the AFC Championship game. Let’s not forget that they were celebrating in freezing temperatures. But, that does not matter as long as the Patriots keep winning games.

When asked about Gronk’s emotions about the upcoming Super Bowl team, Kamile gave the perfect response.

“He’s amped, he’s so pumped,” she said while adding that constant winning never gets boring or old.

The big day is coming, and Camille Kostek has to make up her mind. Oh, wait, she already has. The gorgeous model is friends with Rams QB Jared Goff, but that friendship has nothing on the Super Bowl.

Camille Kostek supports Pats

Kostek will be supporting her beloved boyfriend, of course. “All I gotta say is, good luck! I think it’s gonna be a great game… Patriots coming out with a W.”

We believe that Patriots haters will disagree with her, but that’s just their thing. Hating New England.

The Patriots had an excellent game against the Chiefs, and they will sure do the same on February 3. Atlanta will be on fire, and the Patriots will play their third Super Bowl in three seasons. Amazing, right?

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