Watch: Patriots WR Chris Hogan Reaching Out to Bullied Fan Will Warm Your Heart

Wearing the New England Patriots jersey gives you one of the greatest feelings in the world, and Patriots fans are really proud of their team. Putting on that jersey is such an amazing thing, and Rory likes to wear his at school. Unfortunately, the kid was bullied as someone thought it was the right thing to be done. Well, Chris Hogan decided to do something about it.

The eight-year-old fan was sporting his Chris Hogan jersey at school right before the AFC Championship Game. His peers bullied him, and the poor kid had to take off the jersey.

But, the big win made the Rory proud of his team, and he put the same jersey at school. Well, his favorite team is making the Super Bowl for the ninth time, and that sure means a thing.

Hogan helps the kid

The Patriot was told about the incident, and decided to reach out to Rory to congratulate the kid for standing strong. He even expressed his gratitude for Rory’s loyalty. That applies to all the Patriots friends out there.

No, the Patriots are not evil at all. Hogan did the right thing for the young kid, and Rory will remember it for the rest of his life.

Rory will also be wearing his Hogan jersey on February 3. It will be a great day for the Patriots nation. The New England Patriots are playing the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta. The AFC Championship was followed by a bunch of controversies on both sides, and many fans criticized the NFL for the poor officiating. Let’s see if the same thing happens next Sunday. Well, we believe that things will go smoothly. That’s the Super Bowl, right? No strange things will happen, and the Pats are getting ready for the awesome game. Good luck, Pats!

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