Watch: Philip Rivers Reveals Hilarious Story Of Belichick’s Pro Bowl Halftime Speech

Patriots head coach is all about competing, and that works for almost every game the team plays. In 2011, Belichick was the head coach of the AFC team in the Pro Bowl. The league’s annual All-Star match is a defense-optional thing, but in this particular contest, only one team was hitting the scoreboard.

The NFC made a nice 42-0 lead and made the halftime leading 42-7. The Patriots head coach led the team to three Super Bowl titles at that time, and he was ready to save his guys from disappointment. The Pro Bowl is sure a thing.

Los Angeles Chargers Philip Rivers played on that AFC squad, and recalled Belichick’s locker room speech during his conference call with media members.

Bill Belichick was just being himself

“I do remember at halftime of the Pro Bowl game, we were getting killed, and it was … me, Peyton (Manning) and (Matt) Cassel,” he said. “We were getting blown out at halftime, and he kind of called (the whole team) up and said, ‘Hey, we can tackle. I know it’s the Pro Bowl and all that, but can we tackle somebody today? Let’s go out and see if we can make this a little bit respectable in the second half.’

“And then he looked at us quarterbacks. We had all thrown an interception — thank goodness I wasn’t the only one — and he said, ‘And it’d help if you guys would stop throwing it to the other team.’

“I got a kick out of that because I was standing by Peyton Manning and Cassel, and Peyton’s, if not my all-time favorite, one of. I was glad I wasn’t the only one that had thrown it to the other team. But I thought that was pretty good. I got fussed out at halftime of the Pro Bowl.”

The AFC lost the game, but sure made it respectable.

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