Watch: Tedy Bruschi Destroys Max Kellerman About Tom Brady Arguments

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady does not really need someone to defend him, but Tedy Bruschi decided to step in and give Max Kellerman the lesson of his life.

Tom Brady knows there are a lot of people who are not really excited about the New England Patriots and their success. He addressed every single doubter after the great in in the AFC Divisional Round game against the Los Angeles Chargers. Linebacker Kyle Van Now slammed Max Kellerman for trashing the quarterback and his team. “Maybe since people say we need to stick to football, he should stick to his boxing commentating,” he said. Guess what Tedy Bruschi did next…

Tedy Bruschi has something to say

Kellerman spent the first part of the week doubling down on his comments about the quarterback. He literally said Brady does not deserve all the praise he gets. Well, Bruschi went on First Take on Thursday, and tried to tell Kellerman a few things.

“If you’re in a losing streak, it’s OK. Just admit sometimes when you’re in the middle of a losing streak. (That’s) OK, too.”

We believe Patriots haters will not be too excited about this. Remember how everyone said Tom Brady would fail this season? The same people said the Patriots would lose the games. Well, their “predictions” did not really work and the Patriots are now playing their AFC Championship game. The Kansas City Chiefs better get ready for that challenge.

We all know the Patriots play their best football in January. They are doing magic in winter, and freezing temperatures have nothing on the team. Each and every hater should remember that. Brady will do his best to bring his team on the very top. How will the Chiefs handle the pressure? Let’s wait and find out. Good luck, teams!

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