Watch: Tom Brady Owns Jared Goff When Asked if He’ll Give Him Super Bowl Advice

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has more experience than any other football player. So, Jared Goff has several reasons to ask him for an advice.

Brady and his teammates defeated the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI in 2001, and Jared Goff was a kid. This kid got an opportunity to confront the GOAT. Is not it great? Goff will play against a five-time champion, and that’s what makes this Super Bowl so special.

When asked about what advice he would ask TB12 to get ready for Super Bowl LIII, Goff had the perfect response.

“What to make important and what not to make important,” the young player said.

Well, this was both simple and professional. Brady knows everything about the things he needs to do to get ready for the Super Bowl, and he has eight appearances in his professional career. Goff, on the other hand, does not have any experience at all, and every advice is more than helpful for him.

If by any chance you have not noticed that, Goff is one of the youngest signal-callers to ever start in such a big game.

It is not like Tom Brady will jump in and give advice to his opponent for the Super Bowl or anything like that. Brady said he will not do that despite the fact that he is an advocate for advising young players.

Jared Goff was left empty-handed

“I’m not giving him any advice,” the Patriots quarterback said.

The Patriots will confront the Los Angeles Rams on February 3, and it will be a game worth watching. Both teams were criticized for using extra help in the championship games. We all know that the Patriots worked really hard to get this far. They struggled throughout the season or at least made it look like they did. It is more than obvious they were keeping their best for last.

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