Watch: Tom Brady Slayed Patriots’ Haters With Postgame Message To Chris Hogan

The Patriots nation was targeted in so many occasions throughout the regular season, and we heard all the stories about Tom Brady’s failure and injuries. It was a tough regular season for New England. The bumpy ride ended up with a couple of brilliant wins. Tom Brady did not step back, and he delivered a strong message for Chris Hogan.

A bunch of analysts, commentators and opinion-givers felt free to slam Brady in every occasion they had. They were more than convinced that the quarterback will fail in his attempt to lead the Patriots to the Super Bowl. It has been five months now, and Brady is still here, celebrating with his teammates. That’s why Brady decided to send this message to Chris Hogan.

Brady was criticized for his age, drop in performance and lack of dynamic offensive weapons. Yes, the team struggled in the regular season, but the same team happened to other teams in the league.

TB12 heard all the noise right before the playoffs. But, New England defeated the Los Angeles Chargers in the AFC Divisional Round. Haters did not expect that. We bet they did not even expect to see Tom Brady and Co defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship. Well, the Patriots can do anything.

Tom Brady and Chris Hogan embrace on the field

Right after the big win on Sunday, the GOAT and Chris Hogan embraced, and Brady shredded haters to bits.

“Just remember,” Brady told his teammate. “I’m too old, you’re too slow, we’ve got no skill position players, we’ve got no defense. (Expletive) that!”

Are the Los Angeles Rams ready for the New England Patriots? Well, one thing stands for sure. New England is ready for that and much more. They made this far, and they will go even further. February 3 will be the day for both teams. Good luck!

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