Chris Hogan Sends Uplifting Words Of Support To Bullied Patriots Fan

Words of encouragement are always welcomed, and the Patriots are here to support whoever needs their help. This time Chris Hogan decided to step forward and give his support to a third grader who was bullied for wearing his jersey to school.

Rory was targeted by bullies, and his mother, Frances, spoke about the problems her son had for wearing his favorite Chris Hogan jersey.

“Rory wore his No. 15 jersey to school, and I wore my No. 12 the Friday before the AFC Championship game to show our support for the Patriots. Not soon after arriving at school, he broke down and was tearful,” she said. “He said that people were saying mean things to him because of the jersey … He was afraid of wearing his jersey and wanted to take it off.”

Rory is the youngest kid in the family, and his father died when he was a little boy. Rory’s dad had Irish origin, and Frances believes that her son picked Chris Hogan for his Irish name.

Rory’s story came to Chris Hogan, and he sent the young Patriot a personal video.

“I heard you were going through a little tough time at school supporting our team. I just want you to know that we appreciate all your support and everything you guys do throughout the season,” Chris said in the video. “We love our fans and we love all of our fans all over the country. I just want you to remember to always believe in yourself.”

Chris Hogan shares the advice he got from head coach Bill Belichick

“Never stop believing in yourself and never stop believing in everything you want to do in life. Always continue to work hard and don’t worry about it. This is what Coach Belichick always says, ‘Block out all the noise. Don’t worry about what other people think about you. Don’t worry about what other people say,'” Chris said. “Just continue to believe in yourself, surround yourself with people that love you and support you and I know that you have a family that loves you and supports you. You are part of our family of fans that love and support us. I hope that you’ll continue to wear that jersey proudly.”

This video changed Rory’s life.

“To sum it up, he was overwhelmed with joy and just kept saying, ‘This is the best day of my life’ over and over again,” Frances. “I think that on the 10th time that he watched it he started actually listening to all the words instead of just reacting to it being Chris Hogan talking to him.”

“I was absolutely floored. [I] was not expecting anything like this. It was more than remarkable and I think speaks volumes for the values and integrity of Chris Hogan as a man and as a representative of the Patriots and NFL,” Rory said. “The fact that he took the time to record this message is absolutely amazing.”

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