Los Angeles Lakers Projected Starting Lineup With Deadline Additions

The Los Angeles Lakers will hit the floor for the first time after their biggest win in their regular season. The team defeated the Boston Celtics. LeBron James was their, and Rajon Rondo sealed the win with a buzzer-beater. If you ask Lakers fans, they will say there is still hope for the team. Trade rumors and terrible injuries plagued the team, but they are healthy now. The Anthony Davis story ended before it even started. They are now focused on winning games, and the first thing they changed is the starting lineup.

Today’s game will be tougher than usual. The Philadelphia 76ers are a big bite, and we cannot really tell if the Lakers are ready to swallow it. However, they will not give up without a fight. They added their trade deadline additions to the starting lineup, and Reggie Bullock will be part of it.

The Sixers will play Tobias Harris, and both teams will use their players to win the game. The new players will come handy tonight, and experts have already predicted the starting lineups.

This may come as a surprise, but the Lakers will not start a point guard on Sunday. Reggie Bullock will take the spot that is usually occupied by Rajon Rondo. This is a nice way to give some space to other starters.

Brandon Ingram played really well in the season, and this may be his last game wearing the Lakers jersey. The Anthony Davis saga may not be over yet.

LeBron James is back on the floor, and he returned at the right time. The Lakers lost too many games after his groin strain. His return changed the development of events.

Kyle Kuzma is back to the starting lineup

Kyle Kuzma missed a few matches due to his hip injury, but he will sure start tonight. This is as close as LA will get to their old starting lineup. Lonzo Ball is the only player to be out of it.

Zubac is out, and JaVale McGee will be the starting center. Tyson Chandler missed some time, too. These two will have to split minutes. How many minutes will the head coach give Mike Muscala?

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