Watch: Incredible 360-Degree Video From Tom Brady’s Duck Boat During Patriots Parade Emerges

The New England Patriots won Super Bowl LIII, and it was a day to remember. The team celebrated the big win at the parade in Boston, and fans could not wait to see their favorite players. We saw Rob Gronkowski, the McCourty twins, Tom Brady and the rest of the guys. They were all up there in their duck boat.

The Patriots have now released an interactive 360-degree video from Brady’s duck boat. You will notice the tiniest details about the beautiful day and the victory parade.

Tom Brady was as successful as his teammates in Atlanta. They played like one, and that was one of the things that helped New England win the Super Bowl. Head coach Bill Belichick based his gameplan on some old school football, and the Los Angeles Rams did not see it coming.

New England proved everyone wrong. Although many said that the Patriots were just lucky, it is more than obvious that they won the game with their skills and talent. Each of the guys did the best to contribute to the win.

“We’ve been this far and lost, which is really tough. I think we had a lot of resolve the past few weeks,” Tom Brady told Tracy Wolfson right after the game. “I wish we had played a little better on offense but we won. I can’t believe it, Super Bowl champs.”

Brady won his sixth ring, and that’s the greatest honors of them all. We do hope that this win will shut down the GOAT debate. It is more than obvious that Brady is the greatest player of all times. He brought the team to their sixth Super Bowl win, and players appreciate his efforts. Let’s not forget that the quarterback received a diamond chain from his teammate. Yes, Brady is a respected man.

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