Magic Johnson Makes Statement About Trade Negotiations With Pelicans

Lakers director of basketball operations Magic Johnson and the front office did their best to seal a trade deal with the New Orleans Pelicans. Unfortunately, center Anthony Davis is still in New Orleans.

The Pelicans had high expectations from the trade deal, and hoped they can get more from the Lakers. Magic Johnson offered a great deal of his young players including a couple of first-round picks. Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, and Brandon Ingram were just some of the players Johnson was ready to give up on just to get Davis on his roster.

Prior to Sunday’s match between the Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers, reporters asked the Lakers president of basketball operations if the trade talks were “good faith negotiations.” What did he say? “No. But at the end of the day, what happened happened,” he said. Simple as that.

Reporters knew that New Orleans was trying to get a lot of players in return for their star and tried to force Johnson to add a couple more players.

The Lakers did not sign a big fish at the trade deadline a few days ago, but did trade Ivica Zubac and Michael Beasley. The players were sent to the Los Angeles Clippers and the Lakers got Mike Muscala who was signed the day before in a trade deal that brought Tobias Harris in Philadelphia.a

Magic Johnson is ready to sign free agents

The Lakers may reopen their negotiations with the Pelicans, and this time the Boston Celtics may be involved, too. Magic Johnson will be super engaged in free agency. Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson and Celtics guard Kyrie Irving will become free agents if they do not agree to re-sign with their current teams.

It will be fun watching the teams struggle over the biggest players in the league. Who is going to Los Angeles? Is it Thompson?

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