Magic Johnson To Petition The NBA To Workout Another Team’s Star

Ben Simmons is a talented player, and his can sure brag around with his skillsets. It is the opposite of what Lakers director of basketball operations Magic Johnson has to offer. This leads to a nice development of events.

Prior to Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers, Magic Johnson said that Ben Simmons wants to learn a few tricks from him in the offseason. According to Johnson, this is perfectly fine if the league is fine with that.

We can say that Johnson and Simmons have a similar style on the floor. They had the point-forward role, and you do not usually see that. Simmons is 6’10 and Johnson is 6’9. Their figure is also similar and this may be one of the reasons that made Simmons spend some time with Johnson.

The Sixers forward does not have a consistent jump shot, but he sure is one of the most talented young players in the league. Earlier in February, Simmons was picked as an Eastern Conference reserve. He will also suit up for Team LeBron for the All-Star Game in Charlotte.

Magic Johnson hopes for a positive outcome

It will be nice to watch these two. Some say this is a rather awkward situation and interpret this as a tampering effort. Of course, that will turn true in case the NBA says ‘no’ to the meeting. One thing stands for sure, Johnson will sure take all the necessary precautions for such a meeting. Let’s see what happens next.

Simmons had a few great reasons to ask for a meeting with Johnson. Will the NBA approve it? Well, maybe. There is nothing wrong with two great talents to join forces and share their knowledge. Simmons will sure learn a lot from Johnson, and may turn even better than he used to be this season.

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