NBA Opens An Investigation Into The Los Angeles Lakers

Philadelphia 76ers forward Ben Simmons is a talented basketball player, and he has pretty much the same style as Lakers director of basketball operations Magic Johnson. Prior to the match between the teams, Johnson said Simmons wants to learn a couple of things from him in the offseason. Johnson accepted the idea, and it seems like the Lakers are in a big trouble now. The NBA has launched an investigation into the meeting of Johnson and Simmons.

Magic Johnson takes one last question and says Ben Simmons contacted the Lakers about getting together to learn from a fellow big guard. Magic said he’s game – as long as the league signs off. Seems like a good time to mention Simmons is represented by Rich Paul and Klutch,” Bill Oram tweeted. Did he just trigger NBA’s investigation?

NBA is serious about the investigation

NBA spokesperson Mike Bass announced that they have opened an investigation to determine whether this contact actually violated the rules of the league.

“The league office is looking into whether any contact took place between Ben Simmons and the Los Angeles Lakers that violated NBA rules.”

It is obvious that Simmons and Johnson have the same style and figure which is probably the reason the Sixers forward contacted Magic.

Simmons was excellent this season despite the fact that he does not have a consistent jump shot. He is a talented young player, and experts say he will have a bright future in the league. Earlier this month, the forward became an Eastern Conference reserve, and will play for Team LeBron in the All-Star Game in Charlotte.

The NBA will have its eyes on this situation. Some say this was just a tampering move. However, Johnson will not let things go bad for his team, and he is really careful when it comes to contacting players from other teams.


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