Bill Belichick Officially Renames His Boat After Another Championship

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and his team did a really good job this year. Winning the Super Bowl is the ultimate award for all the effort throughout the season. The Patriots are champions again, and Belichick renamed his boat in that honor.

It’s been a week after the Patriots had their Super Bowl parade in Boston, and we already have the first pic of Belichick’s boat. That fresh pain job looks amazing. If by any chance you did not notice it, Belichick renamed his boat after the number of championships he has won in his professional career. Well, the only problem about winning championship is the fact that he had to rename the boat a few times.

Does “VIII Rings” seem good to you? We sure like it!

The boat is Belichick’s greatest witness

The Patriots head coach renamed his boat VII Rings in 2017 after New England defeated the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Belichick had a couple of boats during the Super Bowl run. A few years ago, he donated the V Rings to Sail Newport, and the latest boat had several changes.

What a paint job, right?

“It’s incredibly flattering, but really, for me, it’s about what the team accomplishes,” the head coach said on the Monday after Super Bowl LIII during the Super Bowl MVP press conference. “The most important thing for me is for our team to be able to hold that Lombardi Trophy and say that we were champions. It took everybody. It took the entire team and organization to put forth a superior and supreme effort to achieve that, and that’s really what it’s about. It’s about how all of us came together and kind of pulled our weight so the team could achieve its goals. It’s what we’re able to accomplish as a team that makes me most proud.”

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