Lakers Insider Unveils Truth Behind Ben Simmons Trade Amid Magic Johnson Talks

The Philadelphia 76ers are far from happy after Magic Johnson said how Ben Simmons wants to learn a few things from him. The Lakers president of basketball operations talked about the conversation prior to Sunday’s match before his team and the Sixers.

LA Times reporter Tania Ganguli says there is a lot more. Magic Johnson answered questions before the match, and said Ben Simmons had contacted him because he was interested in learning from him.

Simmons and Johnson have similar skillsets and figure. The Lakers director of basketball operations said it was really important that this meeting is approved by the league and the Sixers. Philadelphia’s general manager Elton Brand is not interested in that.

“Rob Pelinka called me and said that Ben [Simmons] wanted to talk to Hall of Famers after the season,” Brand told a Philadelphia radio station. “Magic was on the list. He asked for authorization … I said no.”

Ganguli noted that it was Philadelphia who in fact “initiated the discussion about Simmons wanting to meet with Magic.” She added that Pelinka called Brand to say “they weren’t comfortable with it.”

“Spoke to someone familiar with Simmons’ thinking who said Simmons spends his summers in LA, that his desire to meet with Johnson is simply about their on-court similarities, and that he’ll be a Sixer for a long time,” Ganguli added. Klutch Sports represent Simmons and James. Anthony Davis is there, too.

Ben Simmons and the Lakers are under investigation

The NBA is now investigating the case in order to determine if the Lakers violated the league’s rules on tampering.

“The league office is looking into whether any contact took place between Ben Simmons and the Los Angeles Lakers that violated NBA rules,” NBA spokesman Mike Bass announced in a statement.

Let’s wait and see if the NBA will find anything shady about the conversation.

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