Shaquille O’Neal Reveals Which Lakers Youngster He Would Not Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers were desperately trying to sign Anthony Davis, but the New Orleans Pelicans turned down all six of their offers. Lakers director of basketball operation Magic Johnson offered almost every player on his roster, but the Pelicans said no. The Lakers will probably start their negotiations again in the offseason, and their legend Shaquille O’Neal has a big tip for them.

According to Shaquille O’Neal, LA should not add second-year forward Kyle Kuzma to any trade deal.

“I don’t think Kyle Kuzma should ever be on the trading block,” O’Neal said. “I like that kid. I like the way he plays… I’m never trading Kyle Kuzma.” 

Will Shaquille save Kuzma?

Kuzma handled the trade rumors like a pro, but he feels relieved after the trade deadline has passed.

“It didn’t really wear on me too much until kind of last second. That Pacers game,” Kuzma said. “For me, I just tried to continue to work and try to prepare for whatever situation I was going to be in. At the end of the day it’s the NBA. Everybody is tradable in this league… “I feel like after the Pacers game, I kind of just realized the trade wasn’t going to happen, from what I was hearing. Getting a lot off my chest and talking to people, I was kind of relieved after that game. Crazy as it sounds, you lose by 40 and be relieved.”

Well, someone should tell Kuzma that his relief is temporary, because the rumors will start off again in the offseason. LA will do the best to sign Davis, and offering their young players is the first plan they have. Maybe Magic Johnson will accept Shaq’s advice and keep the young Kuzma. This offseason will be filled with several challenges, as LA try to catch a big fish.

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