Tom Brady Went Out of His Way Again To Remind Jerry Rice That Julian Edelman Dated His Daughter

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is one of the greatest players in the league. This gives him the right to tease other legends without feeling guilty or getting hit in the head. Purposely. That’s why Brady targeted Jerry Rice and it involves his daughter.

Let’s not forget that he was a Niners fan. So, Brady used his teammate to tease Jerry Rice. It turns out that receiver Julian Edelman dated Rice’s daughter, Jacqui, when they were teenagers.

The whole thing happened at the Kentucky Derby in 2017. Brady used the opportunity to help Rice remember that Jules has a history with his family.

“I hear Jules spent a lot of time at your house when he was a kid,” Brady said as if it was not a thing.

Rice accepted it with a laugh, but maybe he did so because Brady made the comment. No other player would ever dare to approach Rice the way TB12 did. That’s just a simple Brady thing. you cannot compare the GOAT to other players. That’s why he feels good about making jokes of this kind.

Maybe Brady had a backup plan and he just used Edelman’s relationship to revenge. Let’s not forget that Rice called the Patriots “cheaters” after the Deflategate scandal.

Jerry Rice respects TB12

Rice may hate the comment Brady made, but they still respect each other. No hard feelings or anything similar. Every player has to act this way because they meet on the field regularly. Holding a grudge never brings anything good, and both Brady and Rice know it.

Talent always respects talent even when legends make jabs. It’s just how things work in the world of sports. It’s a men’s world, right? Maybe Rice is waiting for an opportunity to punish TB12 for his words at the derby, who knows… Let’s hope he is not planning anything like that.

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