LeBron James Makes Statement About Lakers’ Road To Playoffs

LeBron James spent years in Cleveland trying to help young prospects win a championship. He left the team to join the Miami Heat, and then came back to finish his job. King James shocked everyone with his decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers on the first day of his free agency as most fans believed that he would re-sign with the Cavaliers. So, the king signed a four-year contract with the Lakers and promised to turn them into contenders. Unfortunately, reaching the playoffs will not be an easy tasks for the team.

LeBron was amazed with the young core in Los Angeles, and did not feel the need to get another star by his side. The whole thing changed when Anthony Davis demanded a trade from his team. The New Orleans Pelicans said ‘no’ and rejected every offer Magic Johnson made. The Davis rumors gave the young Lakers a hard time on the floor. Some say they lost games because of the pressure. Nobody wants to leave a good team, right? Their chances to make the playoffs are bad at the moment.

First, they lost the game to the Philadelphia 76ers, and that’s somehow understanable. But, losing the match to the Atlanta Hawks? It was a terrible defeat.

“Some of the guys have never played a playoff game before, so you can’t teach them that. But it’s very important to understand how important every game is, no matter who you’re playing or where you are,” LeBron said referring to the inexperienced players on the roster.

The loss to Atlanta was a wake-up call. The Lakers own the 10th seed in the Western Conference. However, LeBron is not worried about the chance to miss the playoffs.

“Until you either make it or don’t make it. That’s when you worry about it.”

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