NFL Awards New England Patriots Four Compensatory Draft Picks

The New England Patriots enter the 2019 NFL Draft with new picks, and their group is now bigger.

On Friday, the National Football league revealed the compensatory picks for 2019 and the New England Patriots were awarded four picks. This includes two third rounders. The other two picks are sixth and seventh rounder. Now the Patriots have twelve draft picks total hitting the draft down in Nashville this spring.

The Patriots have first rounder, two second rounders, three thirds, a fourth, two sixths and three seventh round picks this year.

This collection is more than precious for New England. Six of the picks are in the top 101 picks. The Patriots’ first rounder is No. 32 overall. The first two of the team’s two seconds is at No. 56 overall and No. 64 overall. The three third rounders are at No. 73, No. 97 and No. 101 overall.

The Patriots received the extra picks after losing several members of their 2017 squad in free agency. The two third rounders are making their way to Foxboro because the team lost Nate Solder to the New York Giants and Malcolm Butler to the Tennessee Titans.

New England now has the chance to go up and down the draft board. Now is the right time to find someone that could eventually replace Tom Brady.

NBC Sports’ Peter King has a very specific opinion on the matter.

“If I’m New England, I’m looking long and hard at Murray, for three reasons: Tom Brady will be 42 the next time he takes a snap, the Patriots have enough currency (six picks in the top 101 of this draft, plus next year’s first-rounder) to move into the top 10 if he slips a bit, and Murray could sit and learn while getting physically prepped to be a long-term quarterback,” King wrote.

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