Photos: Rihanna Celebrate Her Birthday Week By Cheering On LeBron James

Rihanna is one of the very few people who know how to celebrate their birthday in a big way.

Attending a Los Angeles Lakers game in the Staples Center seems like a great way to celebrate your birthday, right, Rihanna? The singer was accompanied by Hassan Jameel, and we all know who he is. Sort of. Rihanna does not say much about the Saudi businessman, and he is rarely photographed by her side in public.

So, Rihanna sported a LeBron James Lakers jersey, and paired it with jeans and awesome stiletto boots.

In June 2017, reporters caught the singer and Jameel kissing, and that was one of the few moments they were photographed together. In October 2017, a source said the couple had dinner and spend the evening bowling with friends in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Let’s go back to the Lakers game. The Ocean’s 8 star shared a video from the match, and we can all see her cheer and yell “LEBROONN!” The Lakers marked a comeback win, and 111-106 was the score that made them winners on Thursday.

Rihanna was really active on social networks on Thursday. She posted a pic of herself. There was a unicorn piñata, and her rainbow manicure is to die for. “It’s my birthday and all I got was this oversized hoodie from Vetements,” the hoodie read.

When it comes to her birthday celebration, the star wore green bodycon dress and had some really good time at Wally’s, a restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Now is the perfect time for Rihanna to release her new album. We have not heard anything from her since January 2016. Back in December, a fan commented on her photo, asking when her new songs would be released. “2019” was all she wrote.

It would be really nice to check up on some new songs, don’t you think?

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