Kobe Bryant Reveals The Advice He Gave Kyle Kuzma

Kobe Bryant is a late first-round pick who scores from a different position. However, his plays look like the ones Kobe Bryant had during his time with the team. We can’t say that for the rest of the players on the Lakers roster.

Kuzma has versatile offensive game, and he is really comfortable with posting up smaller defenders, and the the same applies to three-pointers. This really looks like Bryant, and this does not really come as a surprise. These two developed a friendship over the past couple of years, and it all started with the young Laker cold-calling the legend.

Kuzma was picked apart ahead of the final day of the trade, and Bryant had a brilliant advice for him.

“A lot of players concern themselves with things that aren’t important,” he says. “The shot they just missed before and potentially missing the next one and then what people may say about them because of it. The true art of any athlete is just to be in the moment.”

Here is some more of Bryant and his advice machine

Kuzma relies his game on a short memory. He can score 39 points against the Philadelphia 76ers and 41 against the Detroit Pistons. But he can also come up with a four-for-20 disaster. Bryant has the solution to that problem, too.

“So teams say, ‘O.K., I know Kyle likes to do this.’ All right, that’s great, that’s awesome. Now stop it.” Bryant continues. “Now a team makes you do something else, and you have a counter to that predictable move, and when they cut off that counter, you have a counter to that counter. But first you have to be predictable, because it not only gets you a sense of stability, night in and night out, but it also gets your teammates a sense of stability. Familiarity is extremely important.”

Kuzma is in the early stage of his career, and he has yet to develop into a star.

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