Lakers Tipped To Defeat Warriors To Shock Free Agent To Join LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers are top destination for many players, and this time they are linked to another Golden State Warriors star.

The Lakers are tipped as favorites to sign DeMarcus Cousins once he becomes free agent. That’s what ESPN Forecast predicted. The Lakers may try to sign Kyrie Irving, Devin Durant, Klay Thompson or Kawhi Leonard. They are still trying to pair a big name with LeBron James. There is a big chance that Thompson stays with the Warriors, and Leonard may go to the Clippers. The Knicks may get Irving and Durant, and none of these scenarios go in favor of the Lakers.

Cousins left New Orleans to join the Warriors, but struggled during the games, and the Golden State may not re-sign him. He felt bad after his team lost the match to the Houston Rockets.

“It’s tough,” Cousins said. “Obviously, I’m in like a grey area when it comes to that, trying to get back to being myself and also knowing guys are coming at me. Nobody in this league is going to feel sorry for me and I know that, so I’m going to go out and battle as much as I can and do what I can. But it still is a process for me; it’s no excuse.”

ESPN’s Tim Bontemps said there is also a possibility that Cousins heads to southern California.

“Still, [Jimmy] Butler is seen as arguably the most realistic option who could wind up in Los Angeles. The same goes for Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins (2018 All-Star), though he comes with his own set of risks – most notably the torn left Achilles tendon he has only recently returned from. Committing a long-term, big-money deal to him is, to put it mildly, a risky proposition. That said, it could wind up being the best option the Lakers have.”

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