Gisele Bündchen And Tom Brady Share Sweet Smooch On Red Carpet

Barbara Streisand and Gisele Bundchen were honored by the UCLA Institute of the Environment & Sustainability for their environmental activism. The successful women received the honors at the annual Hollywood Science Gala. Well, Gisele received something else, too. She was accompanied by her husband, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and reporters did not miss their kiss on the red carpet.

Yes, Brady and his wife like to share a kiss on the red carpet every time they attend a big event. They are madly in love with each other and it is really cute that their love is still alive after a decade of marriage and three kids later.

“Each year, Hollywood for Science honors environmental game-changers whose bold voices act as a catalyst to move science into action,” Global Fundraising chairman and event co-host Milutin Gatsby said in his announcement for the event.

He also explained that both honorees were able “to raise awareness on the necessity to take action in order to keep out planet healthy.” 

“We are all connected and without nature we would cease to exist. Our planet needs our care now more than ever,” Bündchen said.   “We need to listen to the signs she has been giving us and work together to protect her; our actions will prevent us from harming ourselves and future generations.”

Streisand added: “When I moved to LA, the air was unbreathable. Rivers were catching fire in Ohio. Then public support and a number of farsighted politicians passed legislation to clean up our air and water. Now we face a planetary crisis of climate change. It is imperative for all humanity that we act now.”

Bündchen is determined to solve environmental issues such as clean water initiatives, environmental sustainability, the preservation of South American rain forests and many other wildlife problems. Keep up the good job, Gisele!

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