Julian Edelman Shares Amazing Photo On Instagram, Giving Fans Monday Motivation

Patriots tight end Julian Edelman likes how things work for him at the moment, and he decided to share this joy with his friends. He must love his Monday! The receiver did not have the best year, but it ended perfectly. Edelman was brilliant in the postseason, and was named the Super Bowl MVP. That’s what you get for playing at high level.

Edelman may have the best Monday, but 2018 was rough. He was super excited about the Super Bowl, and it seems like he predicted the great success his team would have in Atlanta.

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This is why we play. #MondayMotivation

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“It means the world,” he said ahead of the Super Bowl. “This is what you play the game for and it’s been a crazy year for me, two years. I have a kid, tear your ACL, you miss four games. It’s been a mentally, physically, emotionally exhausting year. You put all that effort into overcoming that for this game. It’s been a heck of a year to get to go out and play with your teammates and see how this thing’s evolved out. It’s always a great thing getting to play in the last game of the year.”

Hopefully, 2019 will be better than the previous season. The Patriots are super happy about their championship win, and that will keep them going next season.

“It was tough,” Edelman said of his 2018 season. “You’ve got mixed emotions. You’re happy your teammates are there. You’ve seen some of these younger guys come in as rookies and develop big roles and make big plays to get to the Super Bowl and you’re excited for them but then you also have a hurt feeling because you’re not playing. That’s kind of how you feel but that was last year and this year I’m thinking about the Los Angeles Rams.”

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