Julian Edelman Trolls Rams And All Of Los Angeles With Hilarious Tweet

Julian Edelman likes to troll his opponents, and this time he got his hands on the Los Angeles Rams. He did something that involves the In-N-Out burgers. People in Los Angeles are proud of their fast food majesty that includes the “animal style” sauce.

Well, that’s where Julian Edelman hit them. The Patriots receiver called out the Rams and their favorite fast food chain. He even changed the In-N-Out logo into “Beat-LA, SBLIII.” The caption read “Animal style.”

Players like to do things like this, and this is definitely the most destructive. Edelman knew what he was doing, and he did it really well. He decided to play with the joy of Los Angeles, and turned things against them. Well, this sure burns and hurts.

The Rams are not the only thing Edelman was focused on. The receiver also surprised a Patriots fan who was bullied at school. The girl received tickets for the Super Bowl, and that will sure fix some of the damage other kids do. If by any chance you did not know it, the girl was in seventh grade and is also a quarterback.

Edelman will give his best to help the team win the Super Bowl. He missed too many games, but his postseason was amazing. Jules will sure join the group of Hall of Famers, because he deserves that.

“Well, I think it is something that really has to be thought about because slot receivers are now so important in the scheme of the game,” he said. “If a guy is productive, no matter where he is getting his yards and touchdowns, it doesn’t matter. He’s productive. I really don’t care if he plays slot, or if he plays tight end or if he’s on the perimeter out wide. It doesn’t matter to me if the guy is productive,” LaDanian Tomlinson said of candidates’ production and Edelman.

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