REPORT: Lakers Team Bus Left Without Coach Luke Walton After Loss to Pelicans

The Los Angeles Lakers are playing terribly at the moment, and they could not even defeat the New Orleans Pelicans. The team struggles on the floor, and they lost the game to a lottery team that played without Anthony Davis.  But, that’s not the only thing they lost. The Lakers team bus left without head coach Luke Walton.

It is no longer a secret that LeBron James and a few other players would gladly replace Luke Walton, but leaving town without him? That’s hilarious. Well, it is not like the team bus left on purposely, but… you know, people talk.

Los Angeles lost to the Pelicans 128-115 all because of the poor defensive plan. Former Lakers forward Julius Randle scored 24 for the New Orleans, and he even had something to say to the Lakers bench. Pelicans bench players Ian Clark and Chieck Diallo went for 35. Anthony Davis sat out the match, and the team had a few good reasons to do that. but, why did the Lakers team bus leave without the head coach?

Walton is part of the Lakers family for long enough to know how things work in Los Angeles. Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson decided to keep him around, but the head coach did not have much luck with the newly composed team and the young core. The arrival of LeBron James made things even worse. Everyone thought that games would run smoothly, but LA keeps losing on the floor. Is this why they left Walton behind? Of course not.

“So this was interesting. I was talking to some SKC staffers I know as the Lakers’ team bus is pulling off. Suddenly, Luke Walton comes around the corner. Bus gone. It had to come back for the coach. Damn shame,” David M. Grubb tweeted.

Let’s hope that this will not happen again.

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