TruNews Founder Says Gisele Bundchen Is A Witch, Tom Brady’s Soul Is Doomed Forever

People would say anything to get some attention, and this time it involves Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen. Is it really necessary that someone calls Gisele a witch? I don’t think so. It seems like Brady’s life is doomed forever.

Well, that’s what Rick Wiles says. The radio host and founder of TruNews had the courage to say that Gisele is a witch. What made him say anything like this? He was focused on Brady’s words according to which the supermodel believes in some superstitious methods to help him be this successful. Wiles was shocked to hear this, and made a few comments.

“It’s obvious Tom Brady has no spiritual discernment at all. It’s obvious that he’s spiritually lost. He’s being led through life by a witch. He thinks it’s cute. He thinks it’s — pardon the pun — charming. And he thinks it works, because he keeps winning.

He’s sleeping with a witch

“And he sleeps with her. There’s deep spiritual ramifications for that. He’s sleeping with a witch. His soul is defiled, because he’s having intimate relations with a witch. She’s a witch. She’s not just … somebody who has some goofy new-age ideas.”

Rick made a point during “The godcast”:

“I was just thinking, last weekend in a humorous way, a local pastor in I don’t know what town it was jokingly quoted Daniel and said that the Super Bowl was a battle between a ram and a goat. K? So he was equating Tom Brady as the GOAT, K? Just think about what we now know.”

I do not really believe that Rick was ready to say those words. Let’s just wait and see if the Brazilian supermodel will respond to his awful comments. Being called this way does not really feel nice.

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