Watch: LeBron James Had An Interesting Night Before Sitting Out For ‘Load Management’

The NBA season has entered the playoff decision-making stage, and the Los Angeles Lakers own the 11th seed in the Western conference. The team has not made the playoffs since 2013, and they have 22 games to change that. The addition of LeBron James was supposed to fix the problem, but things did not really work in favor of LA.

NBA fans could not really imagine that LeBron James would focus on things outside the floor. Well, he has a few great plans on his mind and none of them involves basketball. Hey, we are not trying to say he forgot the game. We are just convinced that the king of basketball is interested in too many things at the moment.

LeBron sat out 17 games due to the groin strain he suffered on Christmas Day. He returned to the floor on January 31, and helped the team defeat the Los Angeles Clippers. Everyone thought that the Lakers are back on track, but it did not happen.

Around 80 minutes before the Lakers’ next game on February 2, head coach Luke Walton said that LeBron would sit out the game against the Golden State Warriors. What were the reasons for such move? Load management.

Things got too hot after Atlanta rapper 2Chainz posted a video on his Instagram account.

As you can see, the video was made on February 1 at 11:42pm. We all know that King James works with 2 Chainz on his new record “Rap Or Go To The League.” These two had a really good time, sipped on some wine, and it all ended up with LeBron sitting out the game.

Was “load management” the real reason that put LeBron on the bench? Let’s see if the leader will find a solution to the problem and bring the Lakers to the playoffs.

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