Watch: Tedy Bruschi Makes Bold Statement About Rob Gronkowski’s Future

Is Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski ready to leave the world of football? Latest reports suggest that Gronk was seen at Gillette Stadium. That’s actually good news for the Patriots nation as it points out to the possibility that Gronk will not retire in the offseason. Tedy Bruschi discussed Gronk’s reasons to appear at the stadium, suggesting that he was receiving treatment for his thigh.

Bruschi went on explaining how head coach Bill Belichick advises his players to delay any decision making for a couple of months. Making a big decision after the Super Bowl is not such a great idea as everyone is so emotional. Gronk’s thigh was swollen and he needed to get that fixed.

You can watch on link below:

“It might not mean anything significant as it relates to his career intentions, but with tight end Rob Gronkowski saying he is weighing his football future, he has still shown up at Gillette Stadium multiple times over the past couple of weeks. He also made a visit to Boston Children’s Hospital on Wednesday with his family, spending time with patients and donating $80,000. Though he might be visiting Gillette Stadium simply for treatment of his thigh, I also view his time at the facility as a reflection of his being in a good place with how the season ended, both team-wise and personally. That doesn’t guarantee his return in 2019, but it figures to at least be part of his decision-making process on whether to continue his career.”

Gronk did not really provide a straight answer when asked about his future plans.

“I haven’t thought about that,” he said ahead of the playoffs. “We haven’t thought about that. We’ve got this big game Sunday still and the playoffs after, so that’s the last things that are on my mind right now. I love the grind. I’m all in. I’ve been all in all season, no matter if it’s been up (or) it’s been down. And I’m going to tell you this right now: I’m going to be all in for the rest of the year, no matter when it is. That’s just my main focus no matter how it goes.”

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