Watch: Tom Brady Confronts Sumo Wrestler And Goes Beyond Every Expectation

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may be the best football player in the NFL, but he should definitely stay away from sumo wrestling.

The ultimate quarterback decided to try something new during his promotional tour in Asia with Under Armour. This was the perfect father-son time, and these two tried defeating sumo wrestlers in Tokyo. He went to Sakaigawa sumo stable and jumped straight in the dohyo ring. Is “butsukari geiko” the real thing for him? I don’t think so.

TB12 first observed the wrestling carefully, and was more than amazed with their skills and strength. It was nice to see the huge Brady look so tiny next to the wrestlers. He is 6’4’’ and 225 pounds, but those guys are huge. Maybe he should stick to his football and let the big guys do their wrestling.

Sumo wrestlers are about 325 pounds, and that’s 100 pounds more than the Patriots quarterback. Going against one of them is like pushing a rock. That’s how Brady felt during the wrestling.

Goeido is a 31-year-old sumo wrestler, and he won the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament. It looks like he was amazed with Brady’s willingness to defeat him.

“He has a lot of explosive power. I feel energized. It’s stimulating to have an opportunity to come in contact with athletes from a different sport,” he said of Brady.

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Brady also wrestled with his son, and it was really fun watching them. These two know how to have fun, that’s a sure bet.

This defeat means nothing in Brady’s world. He is still the best quarterback in the entire NFL history, and fans love and support him. His legacy in football is still strong.


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