Martellus Bennett Reacts To Jason Witten Coming Out Of Retirement

The Jason Witten fever is slowly affecting everyone in the NFL, and Martellus Bennett may be the next to go.

Witten decided to put down his microphone and get back on the field with the Dallas Cowboys.  He was retired for a year, and it seems like he was not happy with where things were going for him. That’s why Bennett made a similar plea for the New England Patriots to get him on the roster. It was a joke, of course.

“Heard it’s the year of the comeback,” he said in a video posted on Twitter directed to New England. “What’s up Patriots? Yo Bill, Tom. holla at ya boy. You already know what’s up. Yo, Gronk hold on. Hold on, Gronk! Hold on, Gronk! Ya boy is on the way, Gronk! Hold on, Gronk! Ya boy is on the way, Gronk! Put the Robin signal in the air, Batman. Let’s go! Put the Robin signal in the air! Robin’s coming back Batman.”

Bennett did his shot to court the Cowboys to bring him back, and we can only say that the former tight end is offering his services. He was the funny guy in the Patriots’ locker room for some time. Bennett as traded to New England prior to 2016 through a deal with the Chicago Bears. The tight end was a nice fit in the team as he caught 55 passes for 701 yards and seven touchdowns in the regular season. When it comes to the playoffs that year, Bennett had 11 receptions for 98 yards.

Is Bennett coming back?

After Super Bowl LI, Bennett became free agent and was open to re-sign with New England. It did not happen, and the tight end signed a three-year contract with the Green Bay Packers. It was a short adventure as the team waived him in November.

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