LeBron Passes Kobe Bryant In Record Book During Suns Game

The Los Angeles Lakers let too many things slip down their hands. They are playing the Phoenix Suns, and it is not really smooth. The Memphis Grizzlies and the New Orleans Pelicans smashed LeBron James and his teammates. The Suns have lost 18 of the past 19 games, and the last time they won a home game was two months ago. It’s funny how the Suns were able to control the first half of the game. Dragan Bender and his team went against LeBron James and his team. This awful development has nothing on LeBron as he has just passed Kobe Bryant.

The first half of the game was terrible. Playing this way can sometimes get you fired. The Lakers do not have much time before fixing the damage. They better wok on the mistakes they made. The Suns are too weak to win this game, but if LeBron and his team does not boost their game, it’s over. The NBA media followed every step the Lakers made, including LeBron’s personal record. He is better than Kobe in that one.

“Lakers announce that LeBron has passed Kobe for fifth on the NBA’s career field goals list with 11,720,” Tania Ganguli tweeted.

LeBron was ready for the big game tonight. He always is. He came to the floor to win games, and did his thing. King James passed the Lakers legend in field goals made with his fourth of the game. It happened in the second quarter of the game. LeBron struggled to keep his team on track and help them win the game. It did not work until now.

What’s happening in LA? Why are the players acting this way? There must be an explanation about the problem, because they lose games that are usually something you win. Let’s see what happens when the final buzzer comes out.

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