Watch: LeBron Drops Free Agency Hint To Kawhi Leonard

LeBron James may recruit a few other players, and according to rumors, he is trying to recruit Kawhi Leonard. The Los Angeles Lakers will miss the playoffs, and are more interested in signing a big free agent in the summer. Who is coming to Los Angeles?

The Lakers will have to try extra hard to sign a big player, and it will take a lot of convincing. Is LeBron trying to get Kawhi Leonard on the team? The Toronto Raptors defeated the Lakers 111-98, and we couldn’t ignore the post-game embrace in which LeBron said “we’ll be in touch.” This just added fuel to the fire, and fans started talking.

Leonard has long been associated with the Los Angeles Clippers. Maybe this doesn’t mean anything, and maybe it says everything. Maybe this is just a proof that LeBron will try to recruit a big player. Leonard is definitely on his list.

Leonard’s defense will be of great help for the Lakers. He is an excellent addition to the roster, and LeBron could really use his scoring. Is Leonard even interested in playing alongside LeBron?

The star is as low-key as NBA superstars get. Going to Los Angeles isn’t really his style. One thing stands for sure, LeBron will chase Leonard, but we can’t really tell if there is any chance that these two play on the same team.

ESPN’s Michael C. Wright reported on Brian Windhorst’s podcast he’s been informed Leonard isn’t interested in inking a deal with LeBron’s team.

“That’s just what I’ve been told,” Wright said. “It’s what I’ve been told going back to last summer. I don’t see that as something that’s happening. I think he goes to the Clippers.”

This is a big info, and we can just wait and see what happens next. Good luck with the recruitment, LeBron!

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