Tom Brady Wishes Fans A Happy St. Patrick’s Day With Amazing Instagram Photo

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady never misses an opportunity to deliver a special message for his fans. This time he wished them a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

The quarterback took to his Instagram and shared a lovely photo for St. Patrick’s Day.

Brady is an important figure in the world of football, and the Patriots nation hopes to see him play until he is 45. TB12 promised to win a few more Super Bowls, and he is the most competitive guy to ever play in the NFL. His wife, Gisele, wants him retired, but also supports his dreams and plans. So, yes, Brady will stay here for a while.

Tom Brady is the first name that pops in your mind whenever you think of football. The Patriots quarterback made sure his presence is felt, and he has been part of the same team for almost two decades. The Patriots are more than happy to have him around, because Brady’s talent has helped them win six Super Bowls. He is going for his seventh ring. Brady knows that his fans support his efforts, and stand by his principles and promises. That’s why Brady never forgets to wish them a happy holiday or share photos of himself and his family. That’s how a real player takes care of his fanbase.

The New England Patriots have made a few changes to their roster, and lost several players of their 2018 squad. But, they also signed a group of new players, and it seems like head coach Bill Belichick knows exactly what he is doing. New England won the Super Bowl in 2018, and the team will definitely try to win the next big game, too. 2019 will be full of challenges, and let’s not forget the criticism New England faced last season. Tom Brady was haters’ favorite target.

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