Luke Walton Gives Update On LeBron’s Groin Injury

LeBron James didn’t play in the gale against the Milwaukee Bucks due to his groin injury.

This was yet another game he misses due to a groin injury. The Lakers are outside the playoff picture, and LeBron isn’t shut down yet. He missed his 20th game, but the Lakers still keep him on the floor.

The Los Angeles Lakers are getting ready to play the Brookly Nets to seal seven of their final 11 games at the Staples Center. King James is the only half participant at Thursday’s practice.

Head coach Luke Walton believes the Lakers will return to the starting line up. He practiced three-pointers with the young Kyle Kuzma.

“Yeah, we’ll see how he feels tomorrow, but I think he’ll go tomorrow,” Walton said as the official announcement from the Lakers is expected prior to the matchup.

Walton likes the team with LeBron on it. Although the young players still need time to build chemistry with LeBron, two of the four players will miss the rest of the season. Will the team shut down LeBron for the remainder of the season?

“We’re a much better team when he’s on the floor,” Walton said a few days ago. “So I’m looking forward to him getting back out there again.”

The head coach really likes LeBron and respects his brilliance.

“He’s one of the all-time great players in our league,” Walton said. “He understands time and score and everything else. So, he’s earned that right to take the shots he feels comfortable with. As opposed to some younger guys, you draw things up and tell them what to look for and tell them where to go at what time. He’s earned the right to feel that out and take the shots he feels like are going to be good for him.”

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