Devin McCourty Wishes His Wife A Happy Birthday With Lovely Instagram Post

Devin and Jason McCourty are two of the brightest stars in New England, and they are off to another Super Bowl win. But, family first.

Devin wished his lovely wife Michelle a happy birthday, and shared the most hilarious message ever.

“Been doing birthdays together for a while…(Back when ur boy had hair and no kids) not everyone turns 21 10 times so congrats lol…Happy Born Day @dr_yimac32 no matter up, down, left or right…i know when I turn to my side you will be right there…thank you for blessing me with another year together. Lo and Bray said Happy Birthday too lol –Dmac,” Devin wrote.

This doesn’t change the fact that his marriage proposal was even more hilarious! And gorgeous, of course!

“Our proposal was nothing short of a fairytale-preceded by bits of drama to add to the suspense,” Michelle recalls. “We had already planned a family trip to Disneyworld [sic] with myself, Dev, his twin brother Jason and his wife Melissa and 2-year-old daughter Liana. We had spent the whole day at a Universal Studios park, went back to the hotel to get freshened up to go to Disneyworld [sic] that night to see the fireworks and for little Liana to meet some princesses that were set up by her parents in advance. Turns out there was a ton of traffic, so we missed the fireworks. Then, the monorail stopped working. So the only way out of Disney was the ferry.

“Suddenly, our tour guide gives Dev a box — and Dev pulls out a pair of glass slippers. I looked quickly at them and said aww how pretty (didn’t notice that our names were engraved on them). Then as I go to walk away from Cinderella, Dev says, ‘wait. let’s see if they fit.’ They were kids/display sized shoes so I knew it was a joke. He even got on one knee to pretend to put the glass slippers on my feet. I just said, ‘umm they’re not going to fit, get up.’ Then I look and Liana, who was sitting on Jason’s shoulders, hands Dev a small box as he remains on his knees. And suddenly, a ton of cameras start flashing in our direction. I honestly still was clueless for a few more seconds until Dev opened the box and I realized what was happening.”

You never thought Devin was this romantic, right?

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